Get rid of the paper and easily transfer documents to your accountant.

As a company owner, Docupbiz will help you deal with your paperwork tasks. As an accountant, DocupBiz will lower your charge per client so you can get more.

Docupbiz is a management tool for small companies that can, radically, ease your daily paperwork,

and optimize your accountant's work

The paper trail of being a freelance can become overwhelming. Docupbiz is the alternative to the use of binders and papers. It will help streamline your paperwork. It will bring a common platform between you and your accountant.

  • Easily find any document anywhere
  • Get insights of your activity
  • Transmit your documents easily to your accountant
  • An accountant that works less should costs less
  • Generate your invoices with multiple brandings
  • Generate estimates and convert them to invoices
  • Manage projects and turn tasks into invoices
  • An accountant that works less can have more clients
Forget your physical binders and work from anywhere

Secure and mobile.

On smartphone, tablets or Desktop from anywhere. Never loose control, never miss a receipt and don't get overwhelmed with inbound invoices.

With the tool itself you will be able to create and optimize your own workflow. We face the same problems as you do, that is why DocupBiz won't stop evolving because we are the primary users of the tool. Our coming up features will surely blow your mind.


Useful & straightforward

Upload, download transmit and automate.

Upload receipts and Invoices

Your documents are stored with a checksum in two different european locations

Secure & private

Absolutely no one has access but you to your data. At anytime, you can download everything and destroy your entire account (but that would be sad !)

Automate recurring invoices

You get the same entries on regular basis, like your telecom bills, let the system create the entry for you.

Manage your contacts

Clients, suppliers, agents and your accountant can be managed centrally.

Accountant data transmission

Your accountant will see all your transmissions through his/her dashboard.

Top Support

Any question, any suggestion any feature request...we are there to support you.

And so much more...


Free for accountants and Easy for companies

The app is free for accountants. For everyone else, you can try the app undefinitively but you will be very limited in features capacity. However, we will destroy any trace of your trial if you haven't showed up after 20 days from your latest login.

I own a company

Monthly Plan

21 Per Month

  • 500MbFile Storage = 500 Documents
  • Unlimitted Agents
  • Unlimitted Projects

Yearly Plan

199 Per Year

  • 1GBFile Storage = 1000 documents
  • Unlimitted Agents
  • Unlimitted Projects
40% less then the monthly plan

I'm a company owner and I just want to try Docupbiz

Ok, let's go for the trial.

Use all functionalities with no limit of time. However, the free account will be limited in assets quantities. Your free account will be deleted if you didn't log in for 20 days long.

I am an accountant

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